Hammond And May Were Hilarious In A Porsche

There are lots of behind the scenes clips we don’t see when the trio film their segments. Can you imagine the fun they have that doesn’t quite make the cut?

Well this is an example of that fun. During a race between a Porsche Panamera and a Royal Mail train, Hammond and May decide to start a game of putting the other’s heated seat on without them knowing until they start to toast and finally realise.

It’s safe to say, I was laughing from beginning to end. And it’s safe to say, I’m sure you will too!

The rules of the game, then!

The car must obviously have heated seats. The hotter they get the better! You must turn your opponents heated seat on without them noticing – try a distraction, like James May’s “you know that air vent?” move. That works extremely well… apparently.

Your opponent must not notice their heated seat is on unless its via the feeling of intense heat running up their legs and back – if you’re lucky, they may for a very brief moment think they’ve peed themselves.

Les me know if you’ve played this with your friends in the comments below. Got any funny stories, let me know them, too!

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