That Time Sabine Schmitz Tried To Beat 10:00 Around the Nurburgring In a Ford Transit

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to Top Gear, Series 6, Episode 7. In this classic episode, the one and only Sabine Schmitz took a Ford Transit around the Nurburgring in an attempt to beat the 10:00 mark, with a terrified Richard Hammond int he passenger seat.

The segment was born out of a tribute to the Ford Transit on its 40th anniversary. Whoever originally came up with the idea to take it around the Ring gets my respect because I’ve driven one before, and those things are not made for Ring duty.

However, my name is not Sabine Schmitz, and I am most certainly not the Queen of the Ring. Therefore, I am not as ballsy as she is. Ms. Schmitz, at the time, claimed to have approximate 40,000-50,000 laps around the Ring, so if anyone could do it, it would be her.

Take a look at the classic segment!


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