Top Gear Season 24 Trailer Conveniently Debuts After The Grand Tour Season

In what was a predictable move by the BBC, the latest teaser by the new Top Gear was released on a Saturday (traditionally a low engagement time during the week) and after the final episode of The Grand Tour Season 1 aired.

As you can see below, the BBC are trying to poke fun at themselves while showcasing the “fun” the hosts are going to have on this upcoming season. The odd thing is they have still yet set a date for the new series and one can only assume they are waiting for the hype of The Grand Tour to die down to get as fresh a pair of eyes on this show as possible.

Like Jeremy Clarkson has said many times, Top Gear needs to be successful, so that they have a legitimate rival to push them. This only benefits the all the fans as the competition between the shows would surely breed innovation in ideas and execution.

Will you be watching the upcoming series of Top Gear?

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