Watch Honda’s Pet Robot React To Meeting The Stig

Yes, you heard me right: pet robot. Don’t sound so surprised; ever since Paulie’s pet robot in Rocky IV, I have wanted one. Now Honda has created Asimo, dubbed the world’s most advance humanoid robot.

Asimo is what happens when you get a bunch of Honda engineers and give them two decades to create a robot. The result is a bot that can run, walk on uneven surfaces and slopes, turn smoothly, climb stairs, and grab objects. Asimo can also understand and respond to voice commands, recognize the face fo a small group of individuals, and map its environment with its eyes.

All that’s left is for Asimo to become self-aware and create a legion of robot overlords.

So how does Asimo react when introduced to everyone’s favorite tame racing driver, The Stig? Well, let’s just say it was so happy it danced a little jig, which apparently upset The Stig, who stomped off.

Asimo tries a few other things to impress his larger, more advanced robot buddy, but The Stig just wasn’t impressed. Watch the video and see for yourselves!


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