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Watch Two Electric Hypercars Destroy a Red Bull Formula 1 Car In a Drag Race

For petrolheads, this could be a bit embarrassing but it’s still fun to watch fast cars go fast. The drag race in question was conducted by CarWow- famous for its drag races and car reviews. Parked on the start line were three superpowers – a Rimac Nevera, a McMurtry Speirling, and a Red Bull RB8 Formula 1 car from Sebastian Vettel’s era.

In traditional CarWow fashion, the video starts with an introduction to the cars and their drivers who then then speak of the weight and power figures of their cars. The Rimac Nevera is a car that one could probably find difficult to perceive for a large heavy 4-wheel-drive electric road car that weighs 2.3 tons, produces 1900 HP, and 2360 nm of torque! In Jeremy Clarkson’s dictionary, that should be enough to increase the speed of the earth if it did a quick launch. Mat Watson seems excited to be driving this beast against the other two cars.

Second, on the list is an electric car that seems like it’s from another world- the McMurtry Speirling, famous for destroying the lap record at Goodwood in 2022! Almost everything on this car is unique. You couldn’t imagine any other car in the entire world that is as little as 3.4 meters long, has a single seat in the center, is rear-wheel drive, weighs just less than a ton, and has a downforce fan system that produces 2000 kilos of downforce from the start line! If you look at it from a distance when the race is about to begin, it looks like a jet that’s about to take off! The Speirling is being driven by McMurtry’s test driver Alex Summers.

Third on the list is Sebastian Vettel’s Reb Bull RB8 from 2012- powered by a 2.4L V8 producing 800 HP at the rear wheels and weighing around 700 kilos! The car was setup for maximum downforce but that is useful until the car reaches high speeds. The RB8 was being driven by Red Bull’s F1 reserve driver Liam Lawson.

I’m not suggesting who won the race but you could imagine how close the two electric cars would’ve got to each other considering their power-to-weight ratios. However, I’d say that the F1 car lost quite badly. Now, that was quite expected because they aren’t really built for straight line drag races, to be honest. But the RB8 proved it was king in the 100-0 mph brake test! Watch it!

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