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  1. I’m a big fan of the top gear/grand tour crew. They saved my life in Afghanistan! I was glued to their show which I watched from a bootleg afghan copy! My Platoon mates were rushing to go to chow but I made them wait the ten minutes left to the episode. Those ten minutes were crucial because had we left when my friends asked, we would have been in the cafeteria alongside the 17 soldiers who died in a rocket attack that day. Thanks!!!

  2. Funny stuff, but the constant degrading of America and the American people got old. I quit.

  3. would love to do a series on the worst things someone can do to a car. mods, paint and alike

  4. Amy chance of a special somewhere challenging but with Clarkson Hammond and may touring with Gordon Ramsey geno and Fred

    Probably be hysterical

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