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Clarkson’s Farm Revealed To Be One Of The Most Highly Anticipated Shows Of 2023

Fans have been eagerly waiting the second series of Prime Videos Clarkson’s Farm ever since it was announced it was coming after the release of the first series and data has now backed this up showing that it is one of the most highly anticipated shows of 2023.

Praise came flooding in for the farming show after its release for its true reflection of the difficulties that the farming industry faces and also the hilarious chemistry between Jeremy Clarkson and his co-star Kaleb Cooper. 

CasinoAlpha, online casinos comparison service, carried out some research looking at the amount of Google searches for the upcoming series of TV shows. Clarkson’s Farm took the place of third most anticipated TV series in the UK with an average of 35,000 searches per month.

The second series is set to follow the Grand Tour host as his journey continues on the Diddly Squat Farm as he tried to open his restaurant, gets more complaints from local residents, and attempts to make more of a profit than he did the first year.

Although a release date has not been announced yet, a source close to production has said that it will be released between January and March 2023. The source explained:

“At the moment, we cannot share a precise release date with you. All we can give you is a January to March 2023 release window.”

We got our hopes up recently when Kaleb Cooper took to his Instagram to say that there was an exciting announcement coming on the Prime Video Instagram account. However, it was not the news we were expecting, it was to reveal that Clarkson’s Farm has been given a third series which filming has started on.

Season two will see the return of the fan favourites, Kaleb Cooper, Clarkson’s partner Lisa Hogan, land agent Charlie Ireland, and the hilarious Gerald Cooper.

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