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James May Wants Another ‘Our Man…’ In Series But It Depends On This One Thing

James May’s most recent show for Prime Video, Our Man In Italy, follows him as he travels across the beautiful and culturally rich country. This comes after the success of Our Man In Japan, which was released to a very positive response from fans.

And while viewers of this latest season of the travel show have loved this series, James was previously supposed to be heading to America. He told the Express:

“We were supposed to be filming in the USA and I actually announced it on Twitter and various other places.

“Then about two days later we realised we couldn’t do it.”

The Grand Tour presenter continued to explain why this was cancelled:

“The problem was COVID restrictions and to be honest, the evacuation of Afghanistan meant that we couldn’t get visas in time.

“Plus, also Covid protocols made it too complicated.”

Fortunately, May and his team were ready with other ideas and were able to travel into Europe:

“It wasn’t completely sprung on us because we always have several ideas lined up and partly, it was in our back pocket as possible for the future,” he shared.

“So we haven’t blown America out of the water. We just, we just didn’t do it at that time.”

While James would like to continue his production of Our Man In… seasons, there’s one main thing which will allow him to do so:

“Well, it would be nice to do another one,” he admitted.

“And that all depends on how well this one is received. America is still very much on the list.

“So we have a lot of ideas for America already sorted out. So it would be a shame to waste it.”

Grand Tour Nation has already reported that James appreciated his time away from his Grand Tour co-stars, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, and he talked more with Express about this.

“I didn’t phone them up,” he revealed, talking about Clarkson and Hammond.

“I was pleased not to have them, to be honest.

“When I am making a TV show by myself I can just keep going, it’s great… until the crew tell me to shut up!”

He was then asked if he still argued with those in charge.

“Oh, god yeah all the time,” he confirmed.

“If I was left to my own devices in Italy, I would and this is how we construct the show, I always say ‘I’d like to do this, this and this’ and they rather begrudgingly allow me to do those things but then the crew and producers come up with some surprises.

“It just makes better telly if I don’t know what is coming up.

“If I was left to my own devices I would do craft, art, I’d look at some famous buildings and I would explore some spas.

“The crew and producers basically want me to basically be uncomfortable, dress, up have a terrible time and hurt myself.”

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