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Breaking Down The Grand Tour’s Newest Trailer, Frame By Frame

Well, folks, it’s finally been confirmed. The Grand Tour’s second season will debut on Amazon Prime Video on December 8th, and judging from the newest trailer, it doesn’t seem that the formula has changed very much. This is good news. Let’s break it down.

Set to Paul McCartney’s famous Bond single “Live And Let Die,” the trailer opens with sweeping cinematic shots of a foggy mountain range, then quickly shifts to the presenters haphazardly making their way down a mountain in three old Jaguars. Next, we see a Chiron, and a couple frames of the infamous Switzerland trip with an NSX, Avendator S, and the Rimac Concept_One that soon met its untimely demise, nearly killing Hammond in the process.

We also see James racing two skateboarders down a mountain in the new Kia Stinger GT, which has been extremely warmly received by nearly every reviewer who’s had a go. An Audi TTRS drag races an Ariel Nomad (and appears to be winning) before a few more shots of miscellaneous road tests; the Chiron, the Kia, and the McLaren 720S among them. There’s also a smattering of shots from the Mozambique trip: Hammond driving down a muddy track on the motorbike he later crashes, James in a very beat-up Mercedes wagon, and Jeremy attempting to start what looks like an early-2000s Nissan Frontier.

The next shot is probably from a race test in the old Jaguars film, with James on the start line in a convertible XK and Hammond counting him down. More Chiron, more Switzerland and Hammond falling off his bike ensue, and Jeremy uses a jet engine to blow over a small plane. Clarkson and May appears to give amphibious vehicles another shot, and we get yet more shots of the Switzerland trip before a firefighting plane dumps a load of water on an SUV.

Richard drives a tank up a sand dune in Dubai and does some wheelies in a massive offroader, and the release date flashes up on screen after a few more shots of general tomfoolery. There’s no word on whether commonly-disliked segments like Celebrity Brain Crash and The American will return, but the presenters did concede that some of the things they tried in The Grand Tour just didn’t work as well as they’d have liked, so there’s still hope that the dead celebrities and Skinner’s silly American caricature won’t make a second appearance.

Suddenly, December 8th seems awfully far away.

Watch the original trailer here:


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