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For those of you that weren’t paying attention this morning, Jeremy, James, and Richard stopped by the Xbox offices to do a Twitch gaming session with Forza Horizon 3. Alongside the usual hilarious banter and mishaps that we’ve grown accustomed to, we also got some interesting information on the boys’ gaming history, and a cool Monthly Rivals event on Forza Horizon 3!

The stream was pretty basic; Jeremy, James, and Richard each got to try out a few different challenges on FH3, including the Monthly Rivals Challenge, a few Bucket List Challenges, and some thrilling driving from Captain Slow (I am, of course, joking). What made the segment interesting, of course, was listening to the boys talk and answer fan questions. Here’s a quick look at some of the gaming topics that were discussed on the stream.

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We start off with the boys talking about who the biggest gamer of the bunch is, and what games they like to play. James mentioned that he was, in fact, a gamer, and enjoyed playing what sounded like an online gambling game. Jeremy appeared to be an avid gamer, claiming that he owns every Call of Duty, and enjoys racing games very much (including name dropping Gran Turismo).

On Forza Horizon 3, Jeremy mentioned that it’s tempting to fire up the game and jump straight into a hypercar, but the best way to learn the game is to pick something smaller to start out with, like a hot hatch. He then commented that the in game physics were quite impressive; a Dodge Viper in the game felt very much like a Dodge Viper in real life. The three hosts are probably a handful of people in the world who can claim to have driven most of the cars represented in the game, and they all agreed that the cars feel very authentic.

When asked what a Grand Tour video game would be like, Richard quipped “Well, it wouldn’t always work.” Jeremy thinks that a Grand Tour game would be a combination of Call of Duty and a driving game (I wonder if he knows about games like Carmegeddon, Twisted Metal, or even the recent Mad Max game).

The boys then tackle a variety of challenges in the game, including a Skills Challenge at the Westpoint Tower construction site, the River Run Showcase Event, and a go at The Grand Tour Monthly Rivals event, which features a 2.5 mile race through the jungle in the pouring rain while driving a Rally Fighter, which could best be described as The Excellent done right.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable segment which shows that the chemistry between the three, whether they are truly friends outside of the show or not, is something that is simply golden on the television screen. On a side note, I gave The Grand Tour Monthly Rivals Challenge a go myself, and here’s a short clip of how that went:

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