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Ford Mustang Slams Into Parked $300k Rolls-Royce Dawn

Ford Mustang owners catch a lot of flack for their life choices, but what about Mustang renters? Enter: the Arizona driver who slammed their rented Mustang into a dealership’s new $300,000 Rolls Royce Dawn. This incident will influence your answer the next time someone asks if you’d like extra coverage with your hired car.

It was a typical day, for 2020 at least, in Scottsdale. Business was getting done at DDW Partners, where they specialize in hard to find and expensive vehicles. When suddenly, someone mistook their accelerator for the brake pedal. It’s the mistake as old as the car itself, the downfall of many brick-and-mortar banks and nail-salons. Rarely, does this kind of gaff take such an exotic victim.

From the looks of it, the Mustang took the bulk of the damage, while still dishing out some serious body work on the Rolls. The rental could be assumed totalled, whereas its bruised casualty should live to see another day. Honestly, without seeing the crash happen in real-time, this makes the Rolls Royce look especially well built. It takes a lot of dignity to take a bruise and wear it with such grace.

As for the driver, maybe they should consider taking Ubers for a little while. Accidents like this can take a minute to live down.

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