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Game Of Cars – The World Of Westeros Meets The Grand Tour

In honor of the end of Game of Thrones Season 7, we have released a new line of shirts featuring our favorite television hosts as heads of their own Westerosian “houses.” Come on, you had to know this was eventually coming, right?

To celebrate our new line of clothes, we’re going to play a little game featuring both The Grand Tour and Game of Thrones. It’s very simple: Which Game of Thrones characters would each of The Grand Tour hosts be?

I’ll give my submissions here, but make no mistake, we absolutely want to hear yours as well in the comments!


This one was tougher than I initially though. As funny as it sounds, there are actually many personality layers that make Jeremy what he is, so it’s hard to pick just one character to represent good ol’ Jezza.

My first instinct was to go with the oafish orangutan bit, so naturally Hodor came to mind. Now of course, Jeremy isn’t REALLY Hodor-esque, but you wouldn’t know it by the way Hammond and James talk about him. Listening to them, you would think Jeremy just lumbers about, knocking into anything and everything while grunting and farting or something.

Of course, if we’re going by pure size, then Jeremy would definitely look in place as these two:

But that’s not all Jeremy is. Therefore, my next thought was to go with the way Jeremy drives; namely the POWAAAHHHH!!!! aspect of it. For that, you could only really go with the Dothraki. Is Jeremy of a fearsome warrior stock like the Dothraki? Not even a little bit, but when you think of a horde of Dothraki charging on all those horses, well, it’s not too unlike Jeremy behind the wheel.


No contest here; James May would be a Maester. That’s it. There is no better fit for James than the character of the Archmaester Ebrose of the Citadel. James is bookish, Ebrose is the ultimate bookish type. I even bet Ebrose is slow if he were to find himself on horseback.


I’m not going to go there. I’m know I’m thinking it, and I know you’re thinking it, so let’s just leave it at that.

All tasteless jokes aside, Hammond is a particularly difficult one to place. I can’t think of any of the great houses of Westeros that would fit Hammond’s character. No offense at all to Richard, but I can’t see him as a Stark or Targeryan.

So who should he be? Maybe Arya? It makes sense size-wise, but he’s not as shifty and deadly as her. Maybe Gendry? Gendry is sort of a pretty boy, and the others are always making fun of Richard for the teeth whitening and all that.


Some like him, most hate him; regardless, The American is easily the most polarizing character on The Grand Tour. Yes, he’s a parody of every hillbilly American stereotype and I’m pretty sure his character was created just to be hated, so with that in mind, I would have to go with Euron Greyjoy.

All right, Nation! Time go get all you Game of Thrones fans in here and let’s see your picks!

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