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Gaze Upon The Grand Tour’s Flower-Powered Rose Parade Float

Jeremy Clarkson is not what most would call an environmentally-conscious man. Neither is Richard Hammond, who proclaims his love for Mustangs almost hourly. May drives a BMW i3, it’s true, but he sort of cancels it out with the orange Ferrari in his garage. I was surprised to hear, then, that The Grand Tour’s Rose Parade float has a smaller carbon footprint than a marching band who had too much Indian food the night before.

The float consists of three massive sets of wheels and cogs, each adorned with one of the presenters’ disembodied heads. Since the three…devices, I’ll call them, are totally unlinked, they can be as far apart as they want. In the interest of The Grand Tour’s signature big-ness, this arrangement is reportedly pushing the Parade’s maximum float length of 150 feet.

As per Rose Parade requirements, nearly every surface is covered with (you guessed it) roses. According to local news channel KTLA 5, from whose livestream of the parade I also captured these images, the float is adorned with Orange Crush and Star 2000 roses, which I gather are either colors or variants of rose–I have about as green a thumb as any of the presenters, so please don’t call me asking for gardening advice.

Since one of the initial float drafts was a literal dragster, which I would think Clarkson would like very much, ditching it in favor of this may signal a change of heart in the presenters. Expect season 3 of the show to consist exclusively of electric car reviews.

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