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When The Grand Tour Met Game Of Thrones

Whenever Top Gear got a new Reasonably Priced Car, it was tradition to host a picnic at the track and invite a cadre of celebrities, most of whom did not show up, to get some times on the board. Such honorable guests have included Warwick Davis, Jimmy Carr, and most notably, Charles Dance (better known as Game of Thrones’ western despot Tywin Lannister).

Clarkson ended up grilling Dance the whole time about Game of Thrones, the former’s favorite show. But eventually, The Grand Tour got to one-up that somewhat: they ended up at one of the actual sets.

During the episode “Moroccan Roll,” in which the presenters compare three small, zippy sports cars, the trio ended up having a race around Ait-Ben-Haddou, better known as the Game of Thrones city of Yunkai, though he did spin out several times as a result of “thinking about Khaleesi.”

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