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Grand Tour Presenter Richard Hammond Explains His Fear Of Going Out Amid Pandemic

Richard Hammond is to be one of the first people to enjoy a Tier 1 existence in the UK as Herefordshire lowers its pandemic restrictions. Despite this, however, The Grand Tour presenter is still worried about getting out of the house and resuming an almost-normal life.

Appearing on BBC Breakfast, he’s asked to ‘tantalise’ the viewers with what a Tier 1 lifestyle feels like.

“Paint the picture of you going out for a meal, maybe just meeting up with a friend in a bar, just tell us what it’s going to be like,” Naga Munchetty asks.

“I’m a bit scared to do it,’ Hammond admits. “I live in Herefordshire which has just moved into Tier 1, largely because it’s one of the least populated counties in the country – there’s nobody here.

“But yeah, I can just go out of the door, I can go to the pub – and by the way pubs across the country, I’m so sorry you’ve had such a time with it – but I can go to one I can meet… what are they called? Friends! Reality, actually meet them opposite a table.”

Richard Hammond's new Morgan Plus Six

He continues: “I don’t know what it’s going to be like to leave the house and just stepping out into the world. There’s not that much to do here.”

Hereford joins the Isle Of Wight, Cornwall, and Isles of Scilly in Tier 1, while the rest of the UK is still being held under either Tier 2 or Tier 3. Tier 1 allows groups from different households to meet indoors with a maximum of six people, and restaurants and other forms of hospitality will remain open until 11pm with last orders at 10pm. This also means pubs, bars, and restaurants don’t need to sell a ‘substantial meal’ alongside orders of alcohol.

I have a feeling Hammond may be taking full advantage of that over the Christmas holidays, especially with the latest episode of The Grand Tour being released early to an overall positive response.

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