The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Could Show Up On American TV

Sick of paying for Amazon Prime just to watch The Grand Tour? Wish it could be included with your regular cable package? You might just be in luck, as Prime Video bigwig Roy Price has hinted that the show could one day be put on regular ol’ broadcast television.

Price stated while attending the Edinburgh Television Festival that he wouldn’t “rule out” putting The Grand Tour on TV, making it one of (if not the only) web series that switched to TV instead of the other way around.

“I would expect more down that road. That show has the scale that we’re looking for ideally…I would take four more of those any day,” Price said at the festival.

The most interesting part of this is that it would mean that the presenters could conceivably even return to British airwaves, if Amazon sold the show to the BBC or another UK provider like ITV. Not only would Amazon be sticking it to the newly-minted (and decidedly “meh”) TopGear America, they would be sticking it to good old TG UK as well. This would fall in line with the presenters’ numerous tongue-in-cheek jabs at the BBC on The Grand Tour, as well as expanding the show to an audience abroad who wouldn’t otherwise be able to watch the show if they didn’t subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Thanks to Stephen McKnight for the tip!

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