The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour’s Latest Potential Driver? A Car Thief

So far, both Clarkson and Hammond have proposed new candidates to replace the sacked American as The Grand Tour’s racing driver, and neither one has gone really terrifically. Unsurprisingly, neither did James’ choice: a car thief, who assures us he’s not into stealing cars anymore. Yeah, right.


Qualifying this time in a beautiful dark blue BMW M4 CS is an ex-car thief who, according to James, has paid his debt to society and is simply looking for a job. Unfortunately, as this guy proves, old habits die hard, and he disappears less than halfway through the lap. So with 13 days to go and still no driver, things are looking increasingly dire for The Grand Tour’s lap board.

Other suggestions for a new driver, have included Tanner Foust, both former Stigs, and even just one of the presenters themselves, but somehow I know at least one of those wouldn’t work.

Who do you think should replace the American? Let us know in the comments!

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