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James May Sings You A Song While Making A Sandwich In New Music Video

Ever since the Grand Tour hosts started their newest venture, FoodTribe, we’ve been graced by James May and his humble bunker snacks. One day he may try different canned meats, the next he might make his favorite cheese sandwich.

Speaking of that cheese sandwich, Youtuber and re-mixer, Dave Wol, recently took our man in Japan’s assembly of a cheese sandwich, and turned it into a musical video. “Cheese,” the new interpretation of May’s cooking show, has a few very catchy lines that just might get stuck in your head.

Fortunately enough for Wol, May actually makes a few little hums and moans that are sampled, as well as the clicking of tubs of butter as they’re opened.

“Put the cheese in the brace. Turn your finger round in the drum.”

Who would’ve thought this would be the newest Summer anthem? Fitting that as the world wrestles with the confines of lockdown, the bops of yesteryear are replaced by post-aPOPalyptic bunker cooking tunes.

My personal favorite move from May is when he drops the “Cheese” and there is a whine from what sounds like a guitar, then a dramatic point into the camera as everything turns black and white. Maybe that’s what these music fans have been talking about when they say “the drop.”

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