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Jeremy Clarkson Fights Back As Cynics Take Aim At Grand Tour Presenter

Jeremy Clarkson’s A-level tweets are something that people look forward to every year around mid-August. Especially students awaiting their A-Level results. The Grand Tour Presenter and farmer tweets about the kind of life he is living despite getting a C and a U in his A-level. Doing so, he offers evidence to students that A-level results don’t necessarily define success in one’s life.

Clarkson has been doing this for many years, mostly because he has been there and done that. There’s no better proof than him which signifies that a person’s grades don’t matter as much as being passionate about the work they do. And if they blend that passion with smart work and hard work, it can take them places they might have never imagined. Just recently, Clarkson posted his latest motivational A- level tweet on X.

While the tweet mostly received praise and gratitude, there are always a few who intend to mock the presenter’s noble efforts. It takes courage to go off beat by telling people that it’s okay to not do well in your A-level. You can still do better in life. However, not agreeing with Clarkson, a few cynics spoke ill of him while one accused him of having a rich background which caused him to not care about his A-level results.

Clarkson hit back at the “socialists” without abusing anybody or without even defending his rich status. Clarkson stated the fact that why couldn’t his tweet be accepted when it was just meant to make students who got poorer grades feel better. He wrote back to them on X:

“Why can’t socialists just accept that my annual tweet or X or whatever it’s called now, is simply designed to make people who got poorer grades than they thought they needed, feel better?”

Fans have reacted to Clarkson’s comment, with most siding with him:

One ‘leftist’ said:

“I’m on the left Jeremy but I agree with you, not often that happens, in this case. I got none, yet retired when 52 yo. Its called a post by the way.”

Funny reply:

“A socialist accepting something? You gone mad Jezza?”

One more:

“I don’t think socialists accept anything, whinge is in their DNA.”

There’s a high probability of this:

“Because they are stupid and jealous (followed by a wink emoji)”

I’m sure Clarkson loves the opposition which would only push him to post some more real, motivational tweets.

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