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Jeremy Clarkson Hints At Possible Brewdog Collaboration After Grand Tour Release

Jeremy Clarkson has slowly been expanding his Diddly Squat business from farming to brewing and more recently the events industry as he launches Hawkstone festivals. But now, in a move that hints at a possible collaboration, The Grand Tour presenter has visited the head quarters of Brewdog in Ellon.

Posting to his Instagram account, Martin Dickie, the co-founder of Brewdog, poses alongside Jeremy Clarkson who is holding a can of Lost Lager.

Jeremy, who runs Diddly Squat Farm and Hawkstone, his own brewing firm, has been busy filming the second series of Clarkson’s Farm for release around the end of this year. Using grain from his own farm, he’s been expanding the revenue streams of Diddly Squat by producing a number of alcoholic beverages including vodka, gin, lager, and cider. The vodka can be seen in the photo above.

“We need a Grand Tour beer,” one commented said.

Another, following this theme, asked: “Hawkstone collab upcoming?” [sic]

We’re unsure what will come of this meeting, but whether it be a simple visit or something much more than that, we’re excited for what the future holds for the small brewery.

Dickie posted more recently a photo of himself alongside James May and Oz Clarke.

” Made me remember this. Princess Street Gardens- Edinburgh, a long time ago,” he captioned

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