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Jeremy Clarkson Keeps His Bentley Continental GT From The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt

Amazon has finally released the trailer for the next episode of The Grand Tour that’s been confirmed to be set in Madagascar. It’s called The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt, and follows Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May as they drive three modified cars in the search for pirate treasure.

As you can see from the trailer, their three modified cars consist of a Ford Focus RS with its wheels swapped for caterpillar tracks, a Caterham Seven with larger wheels, and a Bentley Continental GT that was fitted with an external roll cage and larger wheels, as well as a snorkel for the air intake and a host of other modifications.

Well, it turns out Clarkson has taken this car home with his after it’s been spotted several times around his home in Great Tew, UK. Now, we’ve found this image of Clarkson’s tractors lined up alongside the Conti GT from the Madagascar Episode.

The all-wheel-drive Continental GT looks like right at home next to the tractors owned by Clarkson for his farm, and may well be seen in his upcoming Amazon show I Bought The Farm, which is nearing completion. Until then, we can enjoy the fact the release date of A Massive Hunt has been released and confirmed to be true, so only less than a month to go.

Before this, however, the trio was spotted filming in Scotland, a country they’ve already travelled to for an episode of The Grand Tour, and coincidentally, an episode in which Clarkson also brought a car home from. It was an Alfa Romeo GTV6, a car that the ex-Top Gear presenter has previously owned and also previously described as the best sounding car ever made.

It needed some repairs before it was up to his standards, but it now resides on his property where it’s rarely driven, but very much loved. Get the latest update on the car from a recent DriveTribe video.

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