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Jeremy Clarkson Plays ‘Fact Or Fiction’ Ahead Of Clarkson’s Farm Release

Clarkson’s Farm is just around the corner, with tales of his year working on his very own farm (named Diddly Squat) being aired via Amazon Prime Video. During the show, he’s joined by the knowledgable farmer and tractor driver Kaleb Cooper, who as we’ve seen in the trailer, is one of the few able to put Clarkson in his place. Now, the duo has joined each other on camera to play a game of Fact Or Fiction. 

During the game, they’re both asked to determine whether statements read to them are, you guessed it, fact or fiction. And with Jeremy now holding a year’s worth of farming experience under his belt, we’d assume he’d be pretty good at this. Well, maybe not, but we know for sure that it’ll be entertaining to say the least, with the first question asking if those who drink oat milk have a higher s*x drive because of it. 

“Interesting one,” Clarkson begins. “Those who prefer oat milk to milk, almond milk to milk, or seeds and weeds to food, tend to pallid, spotty, gaunt, anaemic, ill, politically weird, and get very little s*x as a result of those things.

“So they may want it more, they’re not gonna get it, ‘cos they’re obviously mad because they’re drinking milk that isn’t milk.”

He picks up a chess piece from the board in front of them:

“It’s like going around saying this chess piece is actually a cabbage. It isn’t.”

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Unfortunately, Clarkson’s (sound) logic didn’t hold, when it was revealed that this was actually false. He looks at the camera, telling viewers that on hearing that, he was about to say something that would have got him into trouble. “This is the more adult me,” he says. 

The conversation quickly moves onto bull sperm when they’re asked about the value of it, and Kaleb gets noticeably uncomfortable as Clarkson starts asking about the ins and outs, quite literally, of how it’s done. 

This makes me incredibly excited for Clarkson’s Farm, and the banter between him and Kaleb.

The show will be released on June 11th on Amazon Prime Video. 

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