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Jeremy Clarkson Slams The BBC: “B******s From Start To Finish”

In response to a report about the increase of badgers in rural areas, Jeremy Clarkson went on his Twitter feed to slam the BBC’s South Today Oxford program for their latest story. With his 7.6 million followers watching, the Clarkson’s Farm presenter used Twitter to roast the BBC and its programme.

According to Oxfordshire wildlife charities, new-build housing is badgers forcing badgers out of their natural habitats and towards humans. This has been reflected in complaints from people who have reported badgers causing damage to their property and gardens.

With the building on new housing obviously still surging forward, charities are now worrying about the survival of these animals unless they’re moved to an “artificial set”, according to Sally Taylor, a presenter on the BBC programme.

The Grand Tour presenter didn’t agree with this, however.

“The report on badgers on the BBC’s South Today was b******s from start to finish,” he tweeted.

In contrast, though, Jeremy did praise a report on Ama Amo-Agyei, who started her own haircare business as lockdown began in the UK. Ama said on the show:

“My hair was a mess,” she explained on the show.

“Bald patches everywhere, hair thinning, some alopecia in the front of my hair.

“I decided to make my own hair oil concoction.”

She explained how she made £1,000 from a £100 investment, which she then reinvested.

Jeremy said:

“Mind you, the report on. Ama Amo-Agyei, the girl who started a hair care business in lockdown is tremendous. Go girl.”

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