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Jeremy Clarkson Talks Speeding And James May’s Hair In New Interview

Pretty much any time Jeremy sits in front of a reporter to give an interview, something interesting comes out of his mouth. if anything, his trademark wit and humor gives him the ability to make even the most mundane of answers seem more entertaining than it actually is.

In a recent interview with The Big Issue, Jeremy answers a number of questions ranging from James’ new haircut to the lack of traffic police. Below are some highlights from the interview:

On James’ New Hair

“It has ruined all our continuity. I’ve always said he’s the stupidest man I’ve ever met and here’s proof. I might dye mine bleach blonde and see if anybody notices.”

On The Tent No Longer Traveling Around the World

“The sheer complexity of moving these tents around the world, and it didn’t really add anything…Imagine my joy and surprise when they came and said we’ve found a location and it’s next to where you live.”

On being a Representative Of British Culture

“They went out there (Romania) in that bonkers Newsnight way to find out why so many would want to come to the UK and the first one just went, ‘because of Top Gear’…It’s ridiculous but it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.”

On Speeding and Traffic Police

“The faster your car the more intelligent you’re going to be because you’ll learn more stuff and see more things and meet more people and have more experiences. Speed makes people clever…

I’d rather have an actual policeman than a camera. A speed camera can’t tell whether you’ve got insurance, whether you’re drunk, whether you smoked 300 tonnes of Lebanese gold, it can only tell speeding. I’d far rather have a policeman who can say, ‘You were doing 85 but it doesn’t really matter because the motorway was quiet and you’re sober and your car’s in good nick’.”


The Big Issue

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