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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Emily Updates Fans On “Painful” Broken Jaw

Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter Emily has updated fans on her Instagram, sharing insight into her broken jaw and how it’s recovering. She reveals that while it’s better than it was, she still has two “painful” slipped discs in her jaw. 

She urged her followers to ask her questions on Instagram, with one of her 210,000 followers asking about her recovery after her jaw was realigned. 

“How’s your jaw and mouth and face situation?” they asked.

Emily responded, admitting that her jaw had “improved”, but she wasn’t willing to go through more surgery yet.

“The splint didn’t work so I have still got two slipped discs in my jaw which is painful and limiting.

“I can’t open my mouth wide (this is the capacity which is like half of what it was before).”

Adding a photo of her mouth opened as wide as possible (above), she continued:

“I also still have discomfort and scar tissue where the sinus wall exploded but I am learning to live with that because the solution is more surgery and no thanks.

“We ain’t done yet because I am going to have to do something about the slipped discs but I can’t face it right now so I’m sort of pretending it isn’t happening which is not good.”

Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Emily Breaks Jaw And Attempts To Break The Internet With Hilarious Post

The story ends on a high note, however, with Emily revealing that she was now able to eat in public after having her jaw sewn shut for so long.

“But I can eat in public again lol so that’s good!

“Bit weird though because all my mouth nerves are still asleep. I can’t feel anything.

“But all in all doing way better and that all feels like a mad dream.”

Only months ago The Grand Tour presenter’s daughter posted to her social sites about her jaw, writing:

“A week ago I had my jaw broken and wired shut and I keep looking at photos of me eating crisps (don’t ask I don’t know why I have so many) and just thinking holy f*** what I wouldn’t do to be eating crisps right now.”

She tried to not eat crisps beforehand to lose weight, but now it was impossible, she was disappointed that she’d stopped herself. 

“And now I’m sitting with screws in my gums and elastic bands hooked around them and we’re syringing soup in because I need the nutrition.

“But won’t be able to eat for weeks and I don’t give a flying f***ing s**t about the size of the sodding tracksuits I’ve got on rotations.”

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