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Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Causes Surge In House Market In Chadlington

At the end of Clarkson’s Farm Season 1, Jeremy Clarkson admits that he much prefers his farming life to his life in London. Now, after the huge success of the show, it looks as though the country life has come across as very attractive to a lot fo people, causing a surge in the interest in housing around Chadlington, where the farm resides. 

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Rightmove, the leading property finger in the UK, has shared that during June 2021, Chadlington has seen a surge in interest higher than anywhere else in Britain when compared to the same time in 2020. Chipping Norton, a neighbouring town and also very close to Clarkson’s Farm Diddly Squat, also saw a 64% increase in interest.

This comes as no surprise, especially as many city workers have now realised they can work remotely from outside expensive cities thank to the pandemic. But the pull towards a village life was most certainly heavily advertised during Clarkson’s popular show.

The website’s director of property data Tim Bannister said the following on the subject:

“With the number of places to discover, and areas of natural beauty to explore in the Cotswolds, it’s easy to see why the show has sparked so much interest in nearby areas.”

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Clarkson’s Farm and Diddly Squat Farm Shop were so popular that the local area complained of ridiculous amounts of traffic after the show aired. In fact, it was so bad that the police were called and Jeremy himself wrote an apology on Twitter.

“People of Chadlington,” Clarkson wrote. “I’m truly sorry about the traffic around our farm shop last weekend. We are doing everything we can to improve the situation.”

Thames Valey Police also commented on what happened:

“Officers received reports yesterday in relation to congestion on the roads.

“Officers attend the scene, but no crime had been committed. 

“Our neighbourhood team for the area is aware of the situation,” they told Metro.

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