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Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Expansion Plans Foiled By Local Council

Jeremy Clarkson has asked the Oxfordshire Council to alter the planning rules that currently cover his Diddly Squat Farm, as The Grand Tour presenter attempts to source products from a further 30 miles radius than what he’s already allowed.

Initially, Clarkson was granted planning permission for his Diddly Squat Farm Shop on account of him only sourcing products from “local people” and “locally produced” goods from within the area of West Oxfordshire. The ex-top Gear presenter has now asked his council if this area can be extended by a 30-mile radius.

With the council denying him this luxury, they have come to a conclusion of an extra 16-mile radius for the farm, in which he can buy goods such as meat, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products to name a few.

The reason behind the council’s rejection was down to the undermining of the “visibility” of local businesses within the village according to the MailOnline, and that it could impact these local businesses negatively.

A spokesperson said: “It is a permanent shop that will be in competition with the local shops in the village.

“For these reasons, the Parish Council objects to the variation of the condition.”

The restriction therefore currently sits up to the West Oxfordshire District boundaries, which is an area of 275sq miles. If Jeremy had got his way with an extra 30-mile radius, that would have covered 2828sq miles.

Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon Prime Video show, I Bought The Farm, will surely cover this, as well as other challenges and difficulties he’s had along the way, and should be released hopefully later this year, although a date is yet to be confirmed.

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