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Richard Hammond Is Back Roasting YouTubers’ Cars, Including One That He Invested In

Richard Hammond is back on the Drivetribe Youtube channel and this time, it isn’t a walkaround video of his workshop ‘The Smallest Cog‘. The hamster is busy roasting popular and not-so-popular Influencers’ cars.

Hammond mentions in the beginning that he’s a nice guy and that he won’t be nasty with anyone’s car. However, we know him well so we’re not taking that statement seriously. Listed below are Influencers’ cars and Hammond’s opinion of them.

  1. TJ Hunt’s RB26 Ford Mustang: Starting out with TJ Hunt’s Mustang, the Hamster gets straight into the heart of the matter by pointing out that TJ swapped the V8 engine for an RB26 Nissan Skyline GT-R 34 engine. It now suffers from overheating issues.He says: “It was a glorious, wondrous, wonderful special thing and now it’s a sort of Frankenstein’s mustang with the wrong heart beating inside it. No offense chap but, oh what were you thinking!?”
  2. Mat Armstrong’s BMW M3 E46: The Hamster was surprised at this purchase of Mat because the M3 is a track day beta car, which essentially means that it’s had the living hell beaten out of it. But since it’s an M3, we’re all legally obliged to say that’s it a good car, because it is.Hammond thinks business and says: “You’re going to breathe new life into it. There is a possibility we might be seeing that at the smallest cog, that’s another reason for me being nice to you about it now, but we’ll see what it’s like when we get ahold of it. I am not expecting that thing to be remotely fresh. It’s, let’s say well worn yeah…experience.”
  3. Shmee150’s Lamborgini Huracan STO: Looking at this in a combination of Maroon and Yellow, Hammond reacted quite strongly to the Supercar. It does look that way though. He was at a loss of words for a moment but he then goes on to say: “Shmee, your eyes function, they must do. But there’s evidence here to suggest they simply don’t! Is it your eyes or is it what’s immediately behind them- the brain bit.'”Because man alive! You! You did that to it! It’s a fabulous thing! Made appalling, for reasons…there can be no reasons. Stop it! Stop it, Shmee. Don’t do that. Lovely car,
    made horrible. No!
  4. Ben Collins’s Porsche 911 Turbo: Well, there was nothing much to roast here. A legend driver and a Turbo 911. Hammond said he’s softened on 911’s having the ‘turbo’ bit over the years and this was a proper turbo, not one of the new ones. But, there was one aspect that needed to be spoken about.Hammond said: “What you can’t see here is the state of it. The paint on it, there isn’t a single square into it that hasn’t been ruined. And, the reason it’s been ruined is that Ben, by your own admission, you regularly take it to the automatic car wash.”Hammond then talks about how a battered 911 is good as a result of usage on the race track or, on the motorway.
    “But, in this instance, you’ve done it…um… and in so doing, in the car wash, in bristol, have been something of a knob. Sorry mate, but you have.” He said.
  5. Whistlin Diesel’s Audi R8 Twin Turbo: ‘Mr. Diesel’ has made this a partly nude R8 with its arse sticking out quite badly. Hammond said: “You’ve de-badged it. Yes, because you’re clearly a modest, quiet chap, Whistlin. Or is it Mr. Diesel?””Um, there’s no…no rear bumper, just to show off the turbo pipework which… it’s a bit like you know having…having a glass stomach here so everyone can see your bowels. I don’t. I don’t want to see turbo pipe work on your, let’s be quite honest, brown R8 twin-turbo. It’s a fabulous car, you didn’t need to do that. Why did you? Look into your heart.”
  6. Collete Davis- Nissan 350Z Drift Car: The Hamster was quite impressed with the kit in the 350Z and called it a ‘proper drift weapon’. But, it has Barbie written on it with a pink exterior and interior! Eww.He said: “The only slight issue is…why in god’s name, have you painted it pink and written ‘Barbie’ down the side? There’s no need. Please! The pink seats, you don’t like that, you know you don’t like that.”
  7. Drivetribe’s BMW E62: Funnily, Hammond has invested his own money into this car. It has received quite a few periodic replacements lately because as suggested by him, it is one of the most fragile engines ever put into a production car. After praising the car, Hamster said:
    “It is working, no warning lights yet, Mike tells me. But then, he wanted to do this so, I wouldn’t trust his judgment on anything. Hey, there’s a chance this thing could work and keep working. There’s a…I mean a really, really infinitesimally small chance it could and for that, you can’t knock our ambition at least.”

Richard Hammond has been savage in describing YouTubers’ cars. But what really stands out is that he’s spoken out our own opinions in many ways. Regardless of the likes and praises, the influencers got for their ambitious tryouts. Deep down there, we all thought the same.

The Truth has been spoken!


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