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Richard Hammond: Swapping Super Cars for Pick-Up Trucks in Mid-Life Shift

In a candid revelation, Richard Hammond, known for his extensive car collection, disclosed that he has sold most of his vehicles and now primarily drives a pick-up truck. This unexpected transition aligns with his speculation about experiencing a mid-life crisis, challenging the typical stereotype of splurging on sports cars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Richard Hammond, at 52, is reevaluating his life choices, suspecting a mid-life crisis. Contrary to expectations, he has sold many of his cars, opting for a more modest pick-up truck and Land Rover.
  • Hammond reflects on his 20-year journey with ‘Top Gear’ co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May, including their shared experiences, bickering, and deep bond, especially evident following his serious accidents.
  • Post-recovery from life-threatening crashes, Hammond’s outlook on life has changed. He now avoids dangerous stunts, focusing on his family’s well-being. His latest project, “Richard Hammond’s Crazy Contraptions,” is a safe, lighthearted Channel 4 gameshow.

Richard Hammond, who rose to fame on BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ and later joined Amazon’s ‘Grand Tour,’ has made a surprising lifestyle change. At 52, he suspects he’s going through a mid-life crisis, but his response is unconventional.

“Am I having a mid-life crisis? The archetypal, stereotypical thing is buying a sports car and I’ve got rid of most of mine. I mostly drive a pick-up truck or Land Rover now. So I think, yeah, maybe I am. Men do – we evaluate things,” he says.

Hammond’s journey with ‘Top Gear’ began two decades ago alongside Jeremy Clarkson and James May. Their dynamic was marked by playful bickering and deep camaraderie.

“Oh God, we bicker,” Richard comments. “But we never fall out because we still work together. If you think of anybody you’ve spent the last 20 years with, you’ll know how it works.”

This bond was especially poignant after Hammond’s severe accidents.

In 2006, Hammond was involved in a near-fatal crash while driving a Vampire jet car, leading to a two-week coma and a significant brain injury. His recovery was miraculous, and he humorously recalls Jeremy’s comment on his driving skills post-accident. A decade later, another serious accident occurred when his supercar crashed in Switzerland. These incidents profoundly impacted Hammond, leading him to prioritize his family’s peace of mind over risky endeavors.

“Mindy never says no to my doing dangerous things because I’ve never asked her. I just wouldn’t do it now out of respect for her and the girls,” he explains, highlighting the importance of being present for his wife Mindy, 56, and daughters Izzy, 21, and Willow, 18.

Hammond’s latest venture, “Richard Hammond’s Crazy Contraptions,” showcases his lighter side. The Channel 4 show features teams of engineers competing to build inventive machines from everyday items. Despite its whimsical nature, Hammond admits his past failures in inventing.

“I have tried inventions before and they’ve never worked,” he shares.

The show brings a comedic element, with Hammond occasionally stifling laughter at the contestants’ outlandish designs.

However, Hammond clarifies that the grand stately home featured in the show is not his residence, expressing concern that viewers might think otherwise.

“It very much isn’t my house and I don’t want anyone thinking it is… I wish it were,” he says.

His actual home, the £2million Bollitree Castle in Herefordshire, though impressive, doesn’t match the scale of the show’s setting.

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