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Richard Hammond’s Bad Luck Continues As His Grand Tour Truck Is Crashed Into His Personal Vehicle

Richard Hammond has had yet more bad luck as his new truck, a Ford Ranger, has been damaged while he was out driving a car for an upcoming Grand Tour special. The damage was, ironically – as presenter Mike Fernie tells us, done by a car that he will be driving in a future Grand Tour episode, so the DriveTribe and The Smallest Cog team are going to repair it while Hammond takes a well-deserved holiday.

The Ford Ranger is the ex-Top Gear presenter’s daily driver, so I’m sure he is expecting a bit of damage while it’s in his possession, but this damage was done by something very special – a pickup that will be featuring in the upcoming European special that was filmed earlier this year.

For those of you not in the know, it’s a bright yellow Chevrolet SSR, which Grand Tour Nation has confirmed with a number of sources. This car was used alongside a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde driven by Jeremy Clarkson, and a Crosley Convertible driven by James May. These three cars were driven from Poland to Slovenia for the latest episode, and were followed by a Ford Poplar hot rod that was used as a backup. You can read about this by clicking here.

Back to the DriveTribe video…


Mike has been given the intimidating task of fixing the dent, which requires a bit of hammering, sucking, and painting… to put it one way. A quick ’80s montage later and it’s ready to be painted in the booth of The Smallest Cog where they show just how talented they are.

Next, the truck’s taken to Gtechniq for a full detail where they take out the scratches plaguing the paintwork and cover it in a consumer grade ceramic coating.

“That is such a relief, I hated seeing it wounded,” Hammond said before explaining in his words what happened.

“What had happened was… the vehicle that I was using on a certain show the starts with ‘Gr’, and ends with ‘and Tour’ had been manoeuvred around this yard because Hardian was doing some prep work to make sure it worked.

“One of his guys backed it into this,” he said pointing to his truck.

“So my truck was reversed into my truck.

“It’s the one I’m actually driving on the show,” he laughed.

He continued:

“It’s a working vehicle, who cares?

“Can’t see it when you’re driving it, doesn’t make any difference, but you know it’s there.”

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