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The Grand Tour: Clarkson, Hammond and May Meet To Plan Next Episode

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have all been keeping themselves busy during lockdown.

Jezza has been working hard on his farm which will be the subject of his latest Amazon TV show as well as buying a Lamborghini tractor, growing vegetables, chopping down trees and even birthing goats.

Hamster has been restoring some of his collection, including a 1970’s Honda SS50 motorbike and his gorgeous Jaguar XK150. Other lockdown antics include; crashing his motorbike, taking his daughters off-roading… much to their dismay and tried unsuccessfully to take a spin in his wife’s Mustang.

And finally, Captain Slow, who spent his time singing about sandwiches and speaking to Doug Demuro about Tesla’ and his Ferrari 458. He also did some charity work on behalf of The Felix Project, which is an organisation that works to collect ‘fresh, nutritious food’ which, for whatever reason, cannot be sold in shops and deliver it to families in need. Finally, his £3 million house is nearing completion with a garage big enough to hold his extensive vehicle collection.

So where is The Grand Tour at now? Well, the second episode of season 4’s The Grand Tour is with Amazon and ready to go and they’re all set up for filming in Northern Russia, but have to wait until next winter when there is snow underfoot.

With one episode done, one ready to go in winter and lockdown restrictions lifted enough to get back together, whats the plan? Well, obviously to put together their next adventure to fill the time between Madagascar and Russia of course.

Jeremy Clarkson posted a picture on his Instagram today, of the three co-presenters at what appears to look like a farm, maybe Jeremy’s. There is a Range Rover in view, Clarkson’s got a gilet, Hammonds been dying his hair and James appears to be smoking an e-cigarette.

Clarkson recently opened up about running out of places to film so who knows what adventure they’ll go on next but wherever they end up, we’re sure it’ll be great.

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