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The Grand Tour Episode 10: Trouble in the O.K. Coral

This week on The Grand Tour, Richard falls off of a boat, Jeremy has Kleenex in his ears and James drives a bulldozer with no brakes. Here’s what we know so far about episode 10 of The Grand Tour.

For episode 10, the boys pitched their tent in Nashville, Tennessee and made themselves right at home amongst the rocking chairs, cowboy boots, and country music. Get ready for plenty of jokes made at the expense of the South, in addition to the jab at how independence seems to be working out for us.  Jeremy just won’t be able to help himself.

On the road, the trio are in Barbados taking another stab at animal conservation, since their “save the rhinos” campaign a couple of weeks back went so well… Anyway, this time around they are making an effort to establish a new synthetic coral reef out of old car body shells. It seems that this was another of Jeremy’s brainwaves, and maybe not what brought them to Barbados in the first place. Perhaps they were simply there for some time off, which would explain Jeremy being propelled out of the ocean in water powered “rocket” boots.

As we see from the trailer, and as you might expect, this leads to a lot of disaster and destruction. We see Richard dangling from a boat, perhaps as punishment after he apparently released one of the car shells too early.  Then, James ruining some vacationer’s time at the beach in an apparently out of control bulldozer, because, why would the brakes work? It’s unclear if this attempt at conservation ends as poorly as their plan to save the rhinos, but, for Hammond’s sake, we hope not!

bulldozerBack on the track, Jeremy continues his love affair with Alfa Romeo. This week, he takes their new 500 horsepower, 4-door saloon car, the Giulia Quadrifoglio, around the Eboladrome, and for a drive in the country. He doesn’t say anything about it in the trailer, but he does look pretty disappointed in that shot of him driving. Why the paper sticking out of his ears though? Maybe that Bi-Turbo V6 isn’t making the kind of noise he was hoping for. Either way, it’s a beautiful remake of their classic race car, and we can’t wait to see it!


Whether their coral reef project turns out to be ambitious, but rubbish or not, this week’s episode promises a lot of laughs. After all, we’ve already had a pretty hardy chuckle at Jeremy’s expense after his near wardrobe malfunction was caught on camera while shooting in Barbados. transam_biker

And The Grand Tour rolls on.

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