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The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Describes The Best And Worst Things About Richard Hammond And James May

With the rebooted Top Gear starting in 2002 and running until 2015, presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May have had plenty of time to get to know each other. But sometimes, spending too much time with someone can hinder a relationship, as explained by them in an interview quite a few years back. I’ll embed that interview below.

So when asked what he likes most and least about Richard Hammond, it’s no surprise that Clarkson was quick to answer in a recent interview with JOE

“The best thing about Richard Hammond is how quick-witted he is and funny,” he says.

A glowing review from Clarkson, then. But he was also very quick to point out The Hamster’s bad side.

“The worst thing is how he can’t remember anything he’s ever done. Including what he did five minutes ago.

The Grand Tour presenter was also asked about his co-presenter James May, or Captain Slow as fans know him.

“The best thing about James May is, um…” Clarkson looks up pondering the question, before giving up. “I’ll come back to you on that one,” he explains.

“And the worst thing is his anorak.”

Jeremy is then asked what he thought of James May’s anorak the day of this interview (it was a media day with several journalists present including us).

“Number one, it’s too small for him. Number two, it’s bright red which he’s teamed with a floral shirt, and number three it’s fur-lined with white fur.

“It’s not a good garment,” he finishes.


The interviewer probes further about their relationships with each other, mentioning that in a previous interview they’d said the show works because they all hate each other.

“Yea I know, we used to have that shtick, you know it was quite fun to go around saying it, and I’m sure there was a time where we probably have hated each other.

“But we don’t now I don’t think. We get on pretty well.”

The Grand Tour returns later this year with a Scotland Special.

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