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The Grand Tour Norway Special: Where Is The Episode Set And What’s Clarkson Doing?

Jeremy Clarkson has set Grand Tour fans on a frenzy as he reveals that filming for the next episode has begun in Norway with Richard Hammond and James May. He posted a photo of two cars sat on a football pitch giving fans a hint at where the episode will be taking place.

A Subaru Impreza WRX and a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII both sit in front of mountains, but what are these mountains and where are they filming? Read on as we explore what they could be up to.

Where Is This Grand Tour Episode Being Filmed?

The photo was shot in Norway from the Henningsvaer Football Stadium. This is located in the village of Henningsvaer, which sits on a small fishing island and is home to only around 500 people. It’s surrounded by photogenic scenery and, because of this, is enticing thousands of tourists each year.

The pitch is obviously one of the most famous parts of the island, but there are a number of amazing spots to visit if you’re ever in the area including a historic fishing coast, a caviar factory that’s been transformed into an art museum, and a number of great places to eat.

What Are Those Mountains in the Background?

That mountain range is the Festvågtind mountains. They climb 541 metres and a 1.5km route wraps itself around the mountain for hikers. Yes, hiking. Unfortunately, you can’t drive up can camp, though. So this might be something the trio ends up doing.

What Are Clarkson, Hammond, and May Doing There?

It’s very early for us to be guessing at what’s going on, but with two rallying legends already being photographed in the shape of a Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII, paired with Norway, we’re thinking this episode may be exploring the world of rallying.

With famous rally drivers coming from Norway such as Petter and Henning Solberg and Mads Østberg, it’s very likely this episode could feature a documentary aspect to it, which many fans have appreciate before in previous episodes of The Grand Tour.

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