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The Time The Boys Tried To Become Stunt Drivers

It’s a tradition for the boys to take on something ambitious and then completely ruin it. Truth be told, one could argue that the entirety of Top Gear and The Grand Tour is based off that concept: aim high, fall hard.

For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re going to take a look at one of the later episodes in the Clarkson, Hammond, May Top Gear run; Series 16, Episode 4. Most of you may remember this one as the time each of the boys bought the exact same BMW convertible.

The segment I want to “throwback” to is towards the end of the episode, where the boys decide to form a stunt driving team. It was one of the later episodes that was genuinely funny, and not because of the actual performance at the Essex County Fair.

The hilarity came during the practice runs, especially with James proclaiming “This is just a lot of driving about!” Hammond also chipped in earlier with “I can do all the moves individually…I think.”

The actual performance at the Essex County Fair was not as funny (except for a brief clip of the boys rehearsing in the trailer) because the crash was very clearly planned. Either way, despite the crash at the performance itself, this still stands as one of my favorite segments in Top Gear. Just watching the bemused expressions of the boys watching a professional stunt team and then attempting to recreate the tricks themselves was gold.

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