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Richard Hammond Is Still Alive | Daily Update

In today’s update, a Subaru looks boring, two stories about BMWs, and a short, injured man looks at a camera.

Richard Hammond Isn’t Dead Yet

Despite what appear to be the universe’s best efforts, Richard Hammond is still alive and…well, actually, he isn’t kicking, but he did do an AMA. Click above to watch it back–being unable to run for a full year, and now saddled with a new-ish Lotus Esprit, the poor man needs your pity.

Ken Block Climbs Pikes Peak Very Quickly

Even in a Honda Odyssey or a Volvo V70, Ken Block’s kids are probably going to get to school faster than any of their friends. In the new Climbkhana video, Block rips up Pikes Peak in his 1,400-hp Hoonicorn Mustang. You know it’s gotta be fast when half the engine is outside the car.

BMW Refuses To Put 4-Cylinders In Its M Cars

BMW M boss Frank van Meel has confirmed that he’d like to keep the BMW straight-six engine around as long as possible, and refuses to let 4-cylinders creep into the brand’s most performance-y performance cars. In other words, all is well in Bavaria.

This Is Probably The New Subaru WRX

Subaru’s current WRX isn’t all that interesting-looking, a far cry from the bug-eyed monstrosities the company was unafraid to churn out in the 90s and early 2000s. Sadly, the upcoming Viziv Performance Concept doesn’t look to change that; it looks handsome, sure, but fun? Probably not. Especially if that sweet light-up grille doesn’t make it to production.

Remember The E46 M3 GTR? Me Neither

This is the E46 M3 GTR. It’s a regular BMW M3 covered in lots of shiny race bits and special components, and it was only built to fulfill a homologation requirement. Oh, and it’s got a stonking great V8 making 380 horsepower instead of the regular inline-six, making it the first of many V8-powered M3s. Oof.

Side note: if you do have any condolences for Hammond, drop them in the comments below.

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