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Watching The Grand Tour with Clarkson Hammond and May: An Epic Experience

You know Drivetribe, right? The facebook-like platform for petrolheads, that our Jeremy, James and Richard started together with The Grand Tour (TGT)? Maybe you know it, but don’t use it very frequently.

If that’s the case, you might have missed the Watch Along the guys did for episode 12 of TGT a few days ago. This event allowed the fans to tune in with their latest shenanigans while asking them questions via Drivetribe. In case you missed this Q&A-session, you can retrace all the questions and answers via Drivetribe yourself. But who wants to scroll through endless pieces of chat fragments? Yeah, we thought so. To make things easier, we have gathered the most interesting and funny bits of the Watch Along in this article. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get on with speed and power!

Questions about The Grand Tour – No horses and Your Name Here

Of course, the fans asked quite a ton of questions about The Grand Tour. We get to know more about season 2 and also about … But see for yourself:

General questions about the show

  • Question: Can my name be on the ‘your name here’ corner? – Answer (James): If you pay, yes.
  • Question: My sister is curious how much it would be to rent space on “Your Name Here” corner. – Answer (James): Please get in touch. It’s getting cheaper by the week. – Answer (Jeremy): About £5.
  • Question: Does an old lady actually live in old lady’s house? – Answer (Richard): Absolutely, yes. For real.
  • Comment: I’d like to see a ‘horror’ show where you have to decide which is the best, most logical vehicle for escaping the killer, depending, of course, on who is trying to kill you. – Answer (Richard): Ok Kimberly, that’s just a plain weird idea. But if the team likes it I’ll claim it was mine.
  • Question: I note you don’t use ‘phones, but Is it legal to use radio transmitters when you are communicating when driving? – Answer (Jeremy): Yes. We had a vote in the office and it was 3-0.
  • Question: Can we have a grand tour album? – Answer (Richard): Yup. Plan.
  • Question: What is your favourite thing about filming this season and which car have you enjoyed driving the most? – Answer (Richard): I can’t deny it, I loved the Hellcat. And the 918 of course.
  • Question: How many beers were drunk during the tournage? – Answer (Richard): Many. And all of them by James May.

Questions about certain episodes

  • Question: So far….which show has been the best audience to film in front of ? – Answer (Jeremy): They were all good, but Stuttgart was amazing.
  • Question: Which country of those you visited in season 1 was your favourite? – Answer (Jeremy): Barbados was pretty enjoyable, if I’m honest. – Answer (Richard): I really enjoyed Namibia. Was a great trip and a fab country. Desert was bloody enormous.
  • Question: Did you keep the Maserati’s at the end of the last episode? – Answer (Richard): Of course we did. It’s our money these days and we’re not going to throw it away.Answer (James): Not mine. It sank.

Questions about Season 2

  • Question: When will series 2 be available? – Answer (Hammond): We’ll be back soon as we’ve done our homework.
  • Question: Have you guys started filming anything for series 2 yet? – Answer (Richard): We’re planning. Lots of brainy meetings with biscuits and arguing.
  • Comment: Well if you guys come to my place I will show you guys how to ride a horse. – Answer (Jeremy): NO HORSES. – Answer (Richard): Absolutely. NOOOOOOP HORSES. They don’t work for us.

Questions about Special-Episodes

  • Question: How about a special next year. The 3 of you driving different caravans on the Oregon Trail. Jeremy has died of dysentery. – Answer (Richard): There are bits of that I like.
  • Question: Why haven’t you guys done a road trip in South Africa yet? – Answer (Jeremy): Botswana. Namibia. And soon, Mozambique. We are getting close.
  • Question: What is the mission of the Special Episodes was the most difficult to perform? And how often do you wanted to drop everything and go home ? – Answer (Richard): Getting out of the Namib desert turned out to be very tricky. And I generally want to go home around about the time James and Jeremy turn up.
  • Question: Have you guys genuinly been sleeping under your buggies in TGT Special? If so, weren’t you affraid you’d be sleeping with your mouths open, because of all the sand and possibly even oil from your engines would start dripping into your throats? – Answer (Jeremy): I was more worried about May sneaking over for a snuggle.

Questions about episode 12 – Drop the car and run

As our favourite car show hosts were doing a watch along with episode 12, some questions specifically regarded this episode:

  • Question: How much damage was done to the paintwork on the Bentley when racing around the ‘track’? – Answer (James): None. The Germans are involved in painting it. It is impossible to scratch it.
  • Question: So how upset was the Jag dealer when you brought the car back with beans plastered to the front end? – Answer (Richard): Dunno. I generally drop the car off and run. Best way.
  • Question: Is the “let’s not get bogged down” bit a reference to Monty Python? I keep thinking about “oo killed oo” part but I’m not sure if it’s the same… – Answer (Jeremy): Yes. You’re the only person to spot that.
  • Question: Jeremy, how did you end up getting “fucking” in the sat nav? – Answer (James): No-one else was interested.
  • Question: Did you ever find the monster? – Answer (Richard): He bloody followed us back home.
  • Question: Is there a reason why you guys won’t say “Fucking”? – Answer (James): It’s a very rude word, and my little sister is watching.
  • Question: Is there really a monster in the lake? – Answer (Richard): Well, there are two bloody great big ones right next to it in the picture on my telly.

Questions about James, Jeremy and Richard – Living at Old Ladies House

Also, some replies from Jeremy, James and Richard provided us with answers to the many mysteries of James May. But also, we get to know Jeremy and Richard a bit better:

  • Question: Dogs or Cats? – Answer (James): I like dogs and cats. And baby goats. – Answer (Richard): Eagles.
  • Question: Favorite host? – Answer (James): James May. He’s brilliant.Answer (Richard): That’s funny cos I think he might be a bit of a dollop.
  • Question: Jeremy and Richard, I was wondering what cars do you think you could see your children driving in? – Answer (Richard): My eldest wants a Range Rover Evoque as her first car. i told her to sod off. My youngest wants anything as long as it’s a horse.
  • Question: Guys, how do you usual kill time in a traffic jam? – Answer (Richard): Drinking heavily or cyber crime.
  • Question: How have you guys lived with each other so long? – Answer (James): We don’t live together, just to be absolutely clear.
  • Question: What the place where you spent the night was the worst of those that you remember? – Answer (Richard): There was a truck stop in Burma that I don’t care to go back to in my mind.

Questions about Jeremy

  • Question: Jeremy, what is your favorite word to describe a car?- Answer (James): “Literally”.
  • Question: Where is Jeremy living right now? – Answer (Jeremy): In an effing box.
  • Comment: I’d love to see jezza on a bike again at some point. – Answer (Richard): I don’t want to see him on a bike but I like knowing that he is on one and unhappy.

Questions about James

  • Question: Is James the little old lady who lives in old ladies house? – Answer (Richard): Yes, but don’t tell anyone. He likes his privacy.
  • Question: Can we take it that the “captain slow” nick name has had to be dropped as well [for legal reasons]? – Answer (Richard): It’s ok, I’ve got a new one for him. Can’t say it on here though.
  • Question: James, can you really only say Hans is under the waterfall in German? – Answer (James): No, I can also say that his bicycle is red.
  • Question: James. Would you rather have an old Rolls Royce or a new one? – Answer (Richard): He’d rather have a BMW.
  • Question: How much does James secretly love the noise Hammond makes with revs going through tunnels in these episodes? – Answer (Richard): I’m sure it’s a lot. He just doesn’t want to admit it cos he’s shy.Answer (James): Hammond is an irritating nob.

Questions about Richard

  • Question: Is the dodge hellcat the best muscle car you’ve driven or is it the mustang? – Answer (Richard): It’s got a huge sense of humour about it and is bloody fast. So maybe the Dodge is the best I’ve driven, yes.
  • Question: Richard, which do you prefer, a 1963 Ferrari 330 GT or a 1963 Aston Martin DB5. – Answer (Richard): The Ferrari.
  • Question: When you first met each other did you ever think there was a chance you would get along? – Answer (James): Not really.Answer (Richard): No. Still don’t actually.
  • Question: Hammond, your thoughts on the Maserati Levante, or any other F-Pace rival SUV? – Answer (Richard): Maser looks pretty awful. F-Pace is great. Watch the show and you’ll see it soon.
  • Question: Hammond, are you still whitening your teeth? – Answer (Richard): Never have. So still not.
  • Question (by James May): Hammond, is it really true that you once auditioned to be Laa Laa in the Teletubbies? – Answer (Richard): Yes. And if you hadn’t been showing off and upstaged me as Dipsy I’d have got the role.

Funny comments – No driving without licence.

Although the guys didn’t and couldn’t answer every question the fans had for them, from our perspective it was an epic event. Jeremy, James and Richard showed us how friendly and community-focused they really are. Also, you just have to love their humor:

  • Comment: Well now I’ve gone and fallen behind everyone else in the episode, as a friend walked in and took all her clothes off. – Answer (James): That hasn’t happened here. I wonder what went wrong?
  • Question: Which car shall I buy for 10.000 euro?- Answer (Jeremy): Euros? What are they?
  • Question: Someone took my licence, should I be concern? – Answer (James): Remember it is impossible to drive without a licence.
  • Comment: I have no ideas for a question. – Answer (James): Don’t worry. I still have an answer. It was the Lamborghini.

As many of the fans on Drivetribe, we sure wish and hope for another Watch Along with the guys in the future. Hence, Jeremy, James and Richard, if you are reading this: Please do it again!

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