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What We Know So Far About Season 3 Of The Grand Tour

We still have the Colombia Special to look forward to, but for the most part, we Grand Tour fans have our sights firmly set on Season 3. Not a whole ton of information has dropped yet, but we do know a few details about what to expect in the upcoming season. Let’s take a look!

A Wild Lambo Spotted In The Snow

Details are scarce, but according to posts by Jeremy himself, he will be filming a segment for Season 3 behind the wheel of what appears to be a Lamborghini Aventador in the snow. We’re not 100% certain where this takes place, but Jeremy has confirmed that it is indeed for Season 3.

It Will Release On November 3rd, 2018

No teasing or funny stuff here; Jeremy states as blatantly as possible that The Grand Tour will be back this year and posts a picture of a date. Pretty clear.

Scotland Will Be Featured

We know the boys will be in Scotland taking part in the North Coast 500 tour driving an Alfa Romeo GTV6, a Lancia Gamma Coupe, and a Fiat X1/9. We also know they will be visiting Inverness Castle, which attracted a mob of fans. We’re looking forward to this episode!

Abbie Eaton Will Be Back, We’re Almost Certain

Unlike The American from Season 1, Abbie Eaton was not universally hated, so it’s almost a given that she will be back for Season 3. Maybe she can offer more thoughts on the cars she’s driving!

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