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Jeremy Clarkson vs. Chris Harris on the Vulcan: Opening Shots for a Rivalry that Both Hosts Need

A long, long time ago (approx 3 weeks ago), the long awaited Grand Tour premiered, and with came a bevy of challenges, loud noises with cars, test tracks, and car tests. One of the cars as I’m sure you’ll recall, was the amazing Aston Martin Vulcan, which Jeremy took out for a test and was his usual funny self.

While I appreciate humor and hijinks and relish the chance to laugh at any point in my day, I also welcome facts and information. Jeremy is a comedic genius, there’s no doubting that, and his knowledge of cars is probably hard to match. But despite my love of Jeremy, James, and Richard, I have other reviewers that I enjoy watching as well.

One of those is Chris Harris, my favorite part of New Top Gear.

chris harris vulcan

I’ve been watching Chris’ YouTube videos for a while now. In fact, I was introduced to him by a friend when he reviewed the 2015 Mustang (I was still deciding on which car to buy at that point). Chris is entertaining to watch not because he makes me belly laugh, but because he is just volcano of information, and he always genuinely looks excited and enthusiastic whenever he’s delivering his reviews. I want to stress that I’m not saying one person is “better” than the other…they’re just “different.”

With that being said, Chris gives his take on the Aston Martin Vulcan in the most recent season of TG (Series 23, Episode 4). A clip of the review was uploaded to Top Gear’s Youtube page a few days ago, so let’s resurrect Harris’ review in light of Jeremy’s more recent Grand Tour review. A small disclaimer; all I had available was a short clip of Jeremy’s review, but I think the different styles are both equally represented in each video. If you want the whole Jeremy vid, you’re going to have to catch it on The Grand Tour!

All I know is this; I love having two motoring shows battle head to head with car reviews, and the Vulcan’s 820 bhp, naturally aspirated V12 is the stuff made of dreams…my dreams, specifically. What can I say, I like NA engines over boosted ones any day!

Which review did you enjoy the most?

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