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Top Gear’s Vauxhall Astra Finally Gets Auctioned Off

A while ago we did a report about the Reasonably Priced Vauxhall Astra from Top Gear being up for sale. Jeremy Clarkson had revelead his last celebrity carriage during episode one of Top Gear’s 20th season. Previously the show provided the reasonably priced cars with a proper burial. But after the BBC had ended its contract with Clarkson, they returned the Astra to Vauxhall. Now it has been auctioned off for £6,000.

A former auction on ebay collected £17,800

A price of £6,000 may seem a lot for a car that’s not roadworthy. Currently, the Astra lacks certain safety measurements like deactivated airbags and is fitted with a roll cage. Therefore, the buyer of the Astra has to invest a certain amount of money in excess of the auction price. However, in comparison to a former auction of an Astra used as a reasonably priced car, £6,000 wasn’t that much. In 2016, an Astra that sold on ebay accumulated the hilarious amount of £17,800.

When taking into account the list of celebrities that took a ride in the Astra, this might actually have been a good deal. Here it is again, with Olly Murs doing the fastest lap:

1:44.6 – Olly Murs
1:44.7 – Nicholas Hoult
1:44.7 – Aaron Paul
1:45.1 – Brian Johnson
1:45.6 – Jimmy Carr
1:46.1 – Hugh Jackman
1:46.7 – David Haye
1:46.8 – Warwick Davis
1:47.1 – Margot Robbie
1:47.2 – Will Smith
1.47.8 – Benedict Cumberbatch
1:48.5 – Rachel Riley
1:48.5 – Gillian Anderson (Mildly moist)
1:48.8 – Charles Dance
1:48.9 – Joss Stone
1:49.2 – Kiefer Sutherland (wet)
1:49.4 – James Blunt (very very wet)
1:49.9 – Ron Howard
1:49.9 – Tom Hiddleston (very wet)
1:50.1 – Hugh Bonneville (wet)
1:51.0 – Steven Tyler
1:51.5 – Mike Rutherford

However, because the auction at Coys served a charitable purpose, a higher price would have been desirable. Nonetheless, the automotive charity BEN, receiver of the auction’s revenues, will find a good use for it. If you want to take a look at the best moments of the Astra on Top Gear, we linked a video for you at the bottom. Share your opinion on the auction and its outcome in the comments below.

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