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$401M Worth Of Supercars Lost As Abandoned Ship Burns In The Middle Of The Sea

A ship carrying $401 million worth of supercars was abandoned last week after it caught fire in the mid-Atlantic sea. With a payload of 4,000 Lamborghini, Audi, Bentley, and Porsche sports cars, this has made many customers extremely sad that they won’t be receiving their cars just yet.

The ship, named Felicity Ace, caught fire near the Azores mid-week and since then its 22 crew members have evacuated leaving the fire to spread through the ship. What hasn’t helped is the number of lithium ion batteries that were being ferried, leading the fire to maintain its burn.

Russel Group estimated that in total, the ship was carrying $438 million worth of cargo of which $401 million of that was cars, vans, and trucks. The loss of this would result in at least a $155 million loss for Volkswagen who owns the cars involved.

Suki Basi, managing director of the VW Group, has said the following:

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