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An Audi Hearse… On The Nurburgring

Since the Nurburgring operates like a normal toll road, anybody can pay a fee and drive around to their heart’s content. This freedom leads to some pretty…unique cars showing up.

In this video alone, we see a clapped-out Chevy C10, a beautiful brown convertible Beetle, and an Audi estate with some very interesting window decorations. But probably the strangest car in the video is actually another Audi estate, albeit with a very different purpose: it’s a hearse.

Someone did actually take a hearse around the Nurburgring. This particular one even has custom wheels and a convenient roof rack for when you need to do double-decker coffin duty.

The Audi is part of YouTuber Jamie Orr’s “Audi Hearse DeathDrive Challenge,” in which he buys the car in Madrid and embarks on an epic road trip with it, stopping off at the Nurburgring on the way. You can check out the full series here!


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