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Automobili Pininfarina To Create A Range Of Luxury All-Electric Vehicles

Automobili Pininfarina has revealed plans to produce a range of luxury electric vehicles after the success of its all-electric hypercar, the Battista.

Using the 90 years of design and industry experience gained since the Germany-based automaker began, it will be using the knowledge accumulated to innovate the current EV landscape, beginning with the reveal of the PURA Vision luxury car concept next year in North America.

Michael Perschke, Automobili Pininfarina CEO, said the following:

“Visionary Italian design is the past and the future and as we head towards celebrating Pininfarina’s 90th anniversary in 2020, we are inventing new markets and new client experiences, and we want to underscore our commitment to Italy through production of pure-electric vehicles there.”

These upcoming luxury EVs will have their platforms developed by Bosch and Benteler, and this will run throughout the expanding portfolio which will follow the concept. Bosch already has plenty of experience within the industry, already producing batteries and charging equipment for the current market.

The platform wil be that of a skateboard design (above), much like that which Tesla is interested in selling to industry giants, FCA. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the same, or similar platform from Bosch being bought by other companies, too. That is, after all, where the market seems to be heading, and Perschke seems to be gearing up to accommodate this.

“Our strategic collaboration with Bosch and Benteler unlocks the opportunity for growth, through development of high performance EV architecture to be deployed by Automobili Pininfarina and potentially other OEM clients. The launch of Battista heralded the arrival of our exciting new brand, and these are the plans that give us a strong platform for future success.”

Automobili Pininfarina To Create A Range Of Luxury All-Electric Vehicles

The Battista is edging closer to its production which starts next year for planned test drives, and its development is well underway now with its dynamic simulation and wind tunnel testing complete. Last year, Pininfarina told us to expect the Battista to be the fastest car in the world on its release, with 1,900hp and a 0-60mph time of “less than two seconds”. With a battery pack supplied by Rimac, it also boasts a hefty range of 300 miles.

We can’t wait to bring you more on this development as Pininfarina takes its luxury Italian styling into the future.

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