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Billionaire Shuts Down Popular London Road So He Can Landscape His Garden

One of the most affluent areas of London, England, has been shut down for a number of weeks as a billionaire undergoes a tiny bit of gardening in South Kensington. Richard Caring is worth £1 billion thanks to his clothing and restaurant success, and now sat at the age of 74, he’s looking to build his dream home in the capital city.

The £40 million property will eventually feature a two-level basement – part of which will be a garage – a wellness area and spa that will transition into a ballroom, and an indoor pool. Outside, where the action is happening, a dozen or so trees are being planted to give the space some privacy and a good view for when the billionaire wants to go for a country walk within the city.

The trees will be brought in fully mature, needing a huge crane to be thrown up on Onslow Square allowing the trees to be craned over neighbouring houses and into the back garden. For this to happen, Caring had to get permission from the council to close roads through the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for two weeks.

As you can imagine, his neighbours aren’t happy about this, telling the press that this is the largest disruption of life they’ve had in this area. It also shows that the council will do anything if it benefits a billionaire. Unfortunately, these roads also serve to local bus routes and the closer of these will also stop ambulances from being able to use them. Buses 14, 49, 345, and 414 have all been diverted, and Ambulances traveling to Royal Marsden and Chelsea and Westminster hospitals have also been alerted to the diversion.

There isn’t much people can do, however, as Caring went about the road closure in the best way possible, hand-delivering letters to his 600 neighbours, and scheduling the road closure for the end of August which will cause the least disruption. This has pleased the council, but they have admitted that they “can appreciate that closures can be inconvenient.”

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