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The Bugatti Chiron 0-249-0 In Less Than 2 Miles

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport had a top speed of around 265 miles an hour. That’s pretty dang fast. So by comparison, the Chiron’s top speed of 261 miles an hour with the production limiter on is, to be honest, pretty pathetic. So I guess Bugatti needed to pull another stunt to keep professional boxers and celebrity dentists interested in their cars.

Bugatti really wanted to test how fast the car could get up to speed and immediately get back to zero, because people apparently buy a Chiron for its brakes. The Chiron, in the hands of relatively unknown and mediocre racing driver Juan Pablo Montoya (who only won the Indy 500 twice, psh), managed to do 249mph in 32.6 seconds, which is okay. It then filled the remainder of the time with heavy braking, the wing deployed at a 49-degree angle, and shaved that drizzling of speed off in 9.3 seconds. Again, mostly decent figures.

Bugatti even made a sorta cool video of it, which you can see here, which somewhat diminishes the Chiron’s ability as a camera van loaded down with equipment can easily keep up with it. Of course, it’s also possible that Bugatti paid to develop a nuclear-powered camera vehicle that can keep up with it just for the purposes of making this slightly grainy Facebook video, or the Chiron is just that slow.

All told, it took just 1.62 miles for all this to happen, which makes me wonder why they haven’t gotten the car to go any faster than 261mph on VW’s 5.4-mile test track. Maybe they need to sell a few more so they can afford to buy better tires.

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