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Chevrolet Camaro May Be Axed After A Final Edition In 2024

After the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, there will likely be no seventh-generation model to continue its legacy. However, a final “heritage edition” Camaro ZL1 is said to premiere in 2024 to bid farewell to the iconic muscle car according to The Lethal Garage on YouTube.

We all know that a seventh-generation Camaro was originally planned, but Chevrolet halted the development of the seventh version of the iconic automobile in 2019. This implies the sixth-generation Camaro will be the final one. This news follows hot on the heels of a photo depicting what could have been the Camaro Z28 from GM Design Instagram account.

However, a Camaro image from a few years ago suggests that GM was already working on a limited-edition model. It sets the stage for a special edition Camaro in 2024, called potentially the “Collectors Edition” or “Heritage Edition,” which will serve as the final send-off for the Camaro brand.

The video claims the vehicle has a new low-spoiler, carbon fiber brakes, carbon accents, and an additional 170 horsepower – which is more than enough. This, they state in the video, will be the final appearance of the Camaro. There are no specifics yet on what this will consist of or what will be offered through the Collectors Edition; whether it’ll be an add-on to the ZR1 or a limited-edition model, although it’s more likely to be the latter because there would be higher demand.

There are rumors that the special edition will be produced in a limited number of 2,000 vehicles, but we don’t have any facts to support this. Lethal Garage speculates that this unique edition will be revealed sometime next Spring or Summer, but whatever happens, it will certainly be a sad day for Chevrolet when the car is eventually pulled from the factory production line.

This is all due to the company’s decision to retire its muscle car after slow sales and rising competition from the likes of Dodge and Ford, so hopefully, Chevy will make this a car to remember.

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