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Donald Trump Considering 25% Tariff To All Non-American Cars

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Donald Trump is reportedly considering applying a tax to all cars built outside of the USA, Canada and Mexico of 25%.

While applying more pressure to buying American-made cars, this move is also said to be an attempt at giving Trump more power i9n the ongoing trade deals.

At the moment, the tariff on purchasing imports in the US sits at 2.5%. If this was to rise ten fold, then on average, car prices in America would increase by around $6,000, with higher value, premium cars increasing even further. Say you want to buy McLaren’s baby supercar, the 570S? Expect to have to fork over an extra $40,000 than you were expecting.

Many manufacturers have publicly condemned this propose tariff, arguing that an increase in the price of imported cars would also increase prices of American-made vehicles. And who knows how many jobs will be lost if this gets pushed forward.

Let’s hope this new tariff doesn’t go through. We can only hope. Especially after California is cracking down on loud exhausts. Soon, all we’ll be able to buy is Model 3s and Nissan Leafs. Help us please.


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