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DriveTribe: Explaining Engineering with Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained

Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained brings technicality into the things we enjoy so much, cars. If you haven’t checked out the YouTube channel Engineering Explained, find some free time and explore.  After all, how cool is it to bring engineering to the forefront of cars we actually enjoy?

Personally, I’ve subscribed to EE as soon as I found out about it.  Why?  As it turns out, Jason has similar car tastes to a hard-working enthusiast, instead of reviewing exotic, if not easily attainable, cars.

When he can’t get his hands on exotic cars, he can definitely explain them.  How does a Dodge Viper ACR break 13 lap records?  How is it faster than a Ferrari 488GTB?  His 21 minute explanation of downforce, grip, horsepower, and weight comparison is something that James May would be proud of.

If that’s a bit much for you, he has other videos about his project S2000, why he bought a Subaru Crosstrek, and opinions of the manual and automatic BRZ.  He has also covered the engineering aspects of a Nissan GT-R and how twin-screw superchargers work, dating back five years.

Overall, we’re happy that Engineering Explained is on DriveTribe and look forward to future posts from Jason.  The next time you’re at a car show and someone tells you they have a supercharger within the intake or that they have a tri-turbo diesel rotary engine in a Mustang, hopefully we can bring some normalcy and intelligence into the discussion.

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