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Ferrari Raises 1 Million Euros To Fight Covid-19


In a span of only a few days, Ferrari has raised over €1 million in a donation matching program with their international clients. The funds are going towards helping the Modena branch of Italian National Health Service, where their founder Enzo Ferrari was born.

Modenesi doctors have already had funds made available to them, and are using the donations to purchase vital equipment. One major focus of the spending is on telemedicine, using remote access to monitor the most at-risk patients while lowering the amount of physical exposure to the virus for healthcare workers. These tools are especially useful in the region’s nursing homes, which have been hit hardest by infection.

On top of the financial aid they’ve raised, Ferrari has also given the Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale hospital a new ambulance, which has already been deployed by the emergency department. This focus on immediately deployable solutions is an effective method to utilize the capital they’re gathering.

As the amount of funding grows, and they continue to match donations, Ferrari will also slowly start to reopen its offices and get employees back to work. They are working directly with local authorities to both help the sick, as well as get operations back to normal as soon as safe.

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