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Ford Mustang Driver Crashes Into Tree While Intoxicated, Bumper Stickers Make Situation Worse

If you own an incredibly powerful muscle car, you can have a lot of fun but you have to be careful of temptations getting the better of you. It can be too easy to start driving fast, drag racing between traffic lights and acting like an all round idiot behind the wheel. I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a powerful muscle car (yet) but I’m talking from experience when I say I think it would turn me into a right [insert naughty word] of a driver.

Thankfully, for people like me who need our adrenaline fix, there are sanctioned track events so you can really put your car to good use, which is very convenient. Sadly though for some, they still take to the street for racing their vehicles.

Look, life isn’t a Need For Speed game, street racing is dangerous, unpredictable, illegal and can have some catastrophic results. Unfortunately for one Mustang driver who thought she was in a game, her actions had some pretty serious consequences.

According to Oak Bay Police in BC, Canada, they clocked an orange Ford Mustang going 45mph in a 25mph zone, on a specific section of road which had seen far too many high speed crashes recently. Naturally, the Police went to pull the driver over, but upon seeing the flashing blue lights, she kept racing ahead and ended up crashing head on into a tree. Oak Bay PD, tweeted of the incident:

Thankfully, the driver and front-seat passenger were not injured, however, there was a back seat occupant who was taken to hospital with a suspected back injury. After inspecting the crash site, the police learned that the driver, who was 20 years old, had a novice license and wasn’t even legally allowed to have more than one person in her car at a time.

Sadly, it doesn’t end there as the 20 year old was also intoxicated, which is against the conditions of her license, but wasn’t over the legal limit. It was when the police noticed her bumper stickers that things got a bit clearer as to why she didn’t stop:

The first bumper sticker read ‘Street racing is not a crime, well it is, but f**k it’, which lets be honest, is not a good start.

The second sign reads, ‘Yes officer I did see the speed limit (I just didn’t see you)’, which might be be a little more relevant to the situation the driver had found herself in.

Authorities are working with prosecutors to define the charges, because there is quite a lot going on here. Its easy to laugh at the ironic nature of the bumper stickers but the whole incident itself is pretty serious, an under-qualified young driver, intoxicated driving two friends, crashing head on into a tree in an immensely powerful muscle car. The Oak Bay police department are definitely not seeing the funny side of it and said:

“The stickers on this car are an indication of how immature and unaware some drivers are. This driver endangered the lives of her passengers and others and ultimately injured one of her passengers. We sincerely hope nobody has to die for these people to understand how serious this is”

At Grand Tour Nation, we are also glad no one died and hope the driver learns a lot from this incident. Also, we all love a bit of speed, but the limits are there for a reason and certainly don’t go making your case worse by having some stupid, cheap, tacky bumper stickers on your car.

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